Why isn’t my page showing up in top search results?

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Search engine algorithms (the formula used by Google, Bing, etc. to decide what search results to show you) have become very advanced. There are several factors that contribute to how your site is ranked, but the following suggestions are a good place to start if you want to show up on the first page.

  • CONTENT: Make sure you there is content on the home page. If there is no text on the first page, the search engine assumes your site will not provide information to the viewer and will show sites that do have content above yours. Having limited content or content that is repeated it on multiple will also work against you.
  • RESPONSIVE: Search engines know if your site is set up to be viewed across all devices (phones, laptops, tablets). If it does not “respond” to what screen size it is being viewed on, it will not show up in the rankings.
  • USER EXPERIENCE: Search engines pay attention to whether viewers navigate through the different pages of your site. If they just go to the home page and leave, it can be assumed there is not other information that users find interesting or relevant, or that there wasn’t proper guidance to these pages from the home page. All links should be easy to find, and enticing to click on.
  • PERFORMANCE: A beautiful web design does not equate to an efficient web site. If your pages and features on them take even just a couple seconds to load, that is too long. Search engines prefer sites that display information immediately to the viewers.

These steps are just a few of many that are needed to properly optimize your website. Let the web masters at Metrolytics do a free consultation of your site to help assess what efforts can benefit your website.