Is a professional web designer necessary?

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Trying to decide if you need a web designer or if you can make one yourself?

There are several tools available to everyone that help you to create an appealing website. Maybe you want to save money by doing it yourself, or feel comfortable enough with HTML and CSS to customize a template, but here are a few considerations we would like to highlight.

  • Online website building tools add a lot of clutter to the code which search engines do not like.
  • Browsers and search engines are constantly updating. The template you chose will be the same and over time your website will become out of date and your rankings will suffer
  • Even a tech savvy person may have limitations if this is not their specialty. A professional designer can assess the practicality of the overall vision and come up with efficient and appealing website solutions for your goals
  • Web design is time consuming, and a continuous effort to keep your website current (with or without SEO). If you do not have an abundance of time to commit to the project, you may want to find a professional who can complete the task with efficiency